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In my fantasy league the entire league has been playing a giant game of Tyrus Thomas Chicken. He’s been sitting on the waiver wire after his poor start to the season and subsequent injury. This morning I finally bit on him. He’s due to be out for anything from another couple days to another couple weeks, but I believe it will be closer to the former. On top of that comes a rumor that Tyrus may be sent to the Knicks for Al Harrington. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen. A lot of rumors turn out to be nothing. But down the stretch last season Thomas proved he can be a valuable asset, contributing in the stats I love…on the boards, and in the defensive stats. He needs a change of scene anyway so anywhere he goes will be a positive, but you can bet if he goes to the Knicks he could be in for a breakout year. If Thomas is available in your league, I’d grab him now. With the breaking news about the trade rumor, he may not last much longer…


If you’re a fan of fantasy basketball, I have no doubt you’ve experienced the same problem I have. There are some incredible sites out there for your football and baseball fix…, and are a few of my favorites and Yahoo and ESPN both have some great content. However, I think most would agree that the fantasy basketball content that’s available is fairly weak. has been great, but recently Matt Buser has been doing most of his work for Yahoo again, and there is no great fantasy basketball site out there.

My intention is for that to change. You want up to date, end of year rankings? You got it. You want fresh and ready injury updates, with analysis? That’s going to be here. You want statistical analysis and strategy discussion? We’re going to do it. I even have plans to record other sites predictions (and my own) and provide accountability reports for you. If some fantasy such-and-such is out there predicting crap that isn’t sticking to the wall, I’m going to let you know. That’s all happening. But wait, there’s more…

I’m here scouring the web for the best information I can get, I’m watching the games, I’m reading the scouting reports. And if YOU ask the question, I’m personally going to answer it. Simply ask your fantasy question in the comments of my most recent blog update, and I’ll give you my take on it. Guaranteed.

So welcome to Hoops Fantasy. You won’t find any football or baseball here. You know where to go for that stuff, and I do have my take on those sports as well, but you need a home for your fantasy basketball fix. And this is it.



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