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Tyrus Thomas Time…

In my fantasy league the entire league has been playing a giant game of Tyrus Thomas Chicken. He’s been sitting on the waiver wire after his poor start to the season and subsequent injury. This morning I finally bit on him. He’s due to be out for anything from another couple days to another couple weeks, but I believe it will be closer to the former. On top of that comes a rumor that Tyrus may be sent to the Knicks for Al Harrington. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen. A lot of rumors turn out to be nothing. But down the stretch last season Thomas proved he can be a valuable asset, contributing in the stats I love…on the boards, and in the defensive stats. He needs a change of scene anyway so anywhere he goes will be a positive, but you can bet if he goes to the Knicks he could be in for a breakout year. If Thomas is available in your league, I’d grab him now. With the breaking news about the trade rumor, he may not last much longer…


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